Merengro confirms that he is 21 years old for talking to “El Torito”

Darling Matte and Hector Acosta (“El Torido”) play 21-year-old disappearing. Or cat and mouse. At least the young Merengro has been trying to talk to his fellow man for years, confirming that until now it was impossible.

Two decades ago they both took the song “Olvidala” from Valenado to Merengue, a song written by Alberto “Dico” Mercado, originally recorded by Colombians El Pinomio de Oro de America.

According to Darling, who was the head of Los Herodos, recording with Acosta, the lead singer of the Los Toros band, was not as simple as they thought because they were both from Meringue and Bono.

For 21 years I have decided not to talk about this, but there are things you need to get rid of and reveal the truth, the truth is, El Torrito is not comfortable recording that song with me. , Darling said on the radio show “De Barranda Radio Show” airing on Dominicana FM.

“El Herredo” said they both never thought that the most important meringue recorded by the Dominicans in the entire history of philosophy would “feature.”

To the darling journalists Diomelo Martinez, Wendy Mora and Christian Santana, the fact that both artists are from Bono in the province of Monsignor Noel does not mean that things are going in their favor.

“Maybe El Torido is not comfortable with recording with this guy … I always have to talk about assumptions, maybe I could not in 21 years because I asked El Torido to talk to him about the situation,” he said.

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He then added: “El Torido does not want to talk about this issue. The main thing is that I wait.”

The collaboration with Hector Acosta took place through the late announcer Raymond Rhinoso (The Boy from Bonao), who brought the album produced by Amarby and Banda de Attack from New York.

He recommends doing the song “Olvidala” with Hector Acosta to the tune of Merengue.

“I waited, he didn’t come to the studio; I thought six times that he was waiting for me until dawn, the seventh time it happened,” Darling said, knowing that people would wonder why he was talking about this now.

In 21 years he did not talk about this case because he was waiting for a new moment, so they would not be jealous of him and wanted to get closer to El Torito’s fame.

“If I don’t say things like that in my heart, if I don’t tell the truth, I feel unfair to myself,” he said and asked in the air why the song was a hit, El Torrido never invited him to sing live, he didn’t even invite the President of the Festival de Latina to the events, Hector Acosta was there on several occasions.

However, when asked about the proposal to record with the Las Torres band, he said he was very happy with the success of the song. “I was so happy, the Doros band was a super hit, I was a 19 year old boy full of dreams …”.

It was at the request of the famous announcer The Boy from Bonavo that his intention was to record with him that “perhaps El Torito was not comfortable”, which practically reduced both Geraldo Dias to El Toro and Hector Acosta.

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The young singer thanked The Boy from Bona, to whom he owes much of his career and is grateful to have taken it with him from the management of Johnny Montano, head of the Electro Production label. Signed an art contract.

+ New theme

Darling is currently promoting his new meringue titled “One Millimeter From You”.

A collaboration with Rafaeli Rosario

When asked who he would work with again, Darling replied, “With Meringue’s new faces: Rafaeli and / or Franklin the Boss.” In fact, he performed a concert with these two principals along with Jandi Ventura and Silvio Mora.

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