The first rock models of Mars’ perseverance reveal the “sustainable living environment”


10 September 2021 21:37 GMT

Within specimens that are probably volcanoes, salts containing “small bubbles of ancient Martian water” have been found.

NASA Advertising The first rock samples collected by the diligence rover on Mars this Friday reveal the “sustainable living environment”.

After an attempt Failure In August, this September 6, diligence won its goal and Got it Extract his first specimen given the name Montenegro, From a rock identified as ‘Rosette’. Two days later, the rover received a second model, Montagnok, From the same rock.

“Our first rocks appear to express a stable environment in which to live,” said project project scientist Ken Barley. “It’s important to have water there for a long time,” he stressed.

La ‘Rochette’ can be a mixture of basalt and volcanic flow. In addition, salts have been found in the samples There may be “little bubbles of ancient Martian water”.

Diligence in searching for signs of ancient microbial life on Mars is part of a joint effort by NASA and the European Space Agency to collect two dozen rock samples from the red planet that will be brought to Earth. In the 2030s.

“These models Is of great value for future laboratory analysis On Earth, “said another project scientist, Mitch Schultz.” Occasionally, we can determine the sequence and timing of the environmental conditions reflected in the minerals in this rock. This will help answer the big picture science question about the history and stability of liquid water on Mars, “he said.

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