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Players from both campuses jumped on Bellavista Stadium, but the game did not start due to the presence of the referees’ association.

The Technical University-Monta FC fight, which opened Friday night on the 7th day of the second round of the Lycapro Serie A, did not take place due to a lack of designated referees. As a sitting part of the college systemThe loan must be paid by the club company.

Despite the conditions of the arbitrators, the National Arbitration Commission Series A appoints the arbitrators to the next date

Before 19:00, the scheduled time of the meeting at Bellavista Stadium in Ambato, Manabi Club reported on social media: “The game commissioner conducted a respective test on the respective players and announced the protocol to follow the game tonight. As determined by Match Commissioner Juan Carlos Pico, the teams will warm up and jump on the field at the specified time, They will then wait five minutes to make a decision in the absence of the arbitrators”.

It just so happened. The Red Roller players and the Tuna team jumped on the field. Despite controversy over the absence of referees this week by the Ecuadorian Football Association (CNA) National Refereeing Commission (CNA), the captains of the cast were called to the control table to comply with the protocol and complete the programming.

Referees maintain a ‘firm’ position that LigaPro will not operate unless ‘delayed obligations’ are met

Whistleblowers at Lycapro are required to pay off a total of four months’ loan (May to August). Prior to this day, the Professional League offered a partial payment of $ 200,000, which was not accepted by Saga.

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The current date of the domestic championship is set to continue on Saturday with matches between Orans-Guayaquil City, Teflon-Agos and October 9-McCarthy. (D)

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