CIT Caleb: The majority believes that Nasri Aspura will be president

Question: Regardless of who you vote for, who do you think will be Honduras’ next president?

The largest group interviewed believes that Tito Asfura will be the next president of Hoturas. Especially the above, among the most educated and supporters of the National Party. Siomara Castro in the Distant Seconds – It is interesting to note that more men than women refer to Mrs. Castro.

The current priority of political parties

Question: Your favorite political party or which party do you belong to?

The ruling party – the nation – is the party with the most followers.

It is liberal in that sense and is followed for free. One-third Honduran have no choice. The Salvador de Honduras party of Salvador Nasrallah has the least support. The most important thing in a country without a second round is that nationality is more or less equal in support of the opposition. No opposition achieved nationalism.

The current priority trend of political parties

Question: What is your favorite political party?

The National Party has been the country’s main party since 2009, when it split within the Liberal Party. An important group left the Liberals and formed the LIBRE under the leadership of former President Manuel “Mel” Zelaya. Even if the Liberals and Liberals reunite, they will not reach the size of the National Assembly, which has more or less one-third of the citizens in its group.

Opportunity to vote

Question: There is an election in our country this year. How many votes can you cast in those elections?

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61% of those interviewed: “Most” or “partially” likely to vote in the November election. This coincides with effective participation in 2017. The interviewer is highly educated and his economic situation is better than last year; More likely to go to the polls. Those with a political party preference are more likely to vote – so the data of party holders is very important.

Political topics

Question: How much importance do you give to the political affairs of our country? Do you think elections can bring change in the country?

Those who believe that the importance of the country’s affairs and the elections will change the situation are more likely to vote. This is consistent with other data found – the voter is generally more positive and the non-voter will want to settle.

The intention to vote

Question: If the presidential election takes place today, which of the following would you vote for?

79 days before the election, Aspura is leading the vote count. In second place are Nasrallah and Siomara. Fourth Liberal Yani Rosenthal. It is important to highlight the data of the “most convinced voters”. Aspura has more advantage than Castro in second place. What is most obvious in a country without a second round is that if the opposition parties unite it will win the election.

Image General Images

Question: What is your opinion about (Public Name)? I would like you to tell me if everyone has a positive or negative opinion of you.

Tito Asfura is a public figure with a very positive opinion of him, an advantage over other presidential candidates. This positive flow has been maintained for the past three years. He was followed by Salvador Nasrallah and Siomara Castro. Contrary to previous comments, Juan Orlando Hernandez received the most negative comments. It should be noted, however, that two out of five informants still think well of him. It is noteworthy that these five names are the most frequently mentioned in national politics, and they all have relatively high negative comments.

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Evaluation of the work of the mayor – San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa

Question: Armando Caledonio / Tito Aspura What is your opinion about the way you are doing your duties as our Mayor?

Nasri “Tito” Aspura, until his retirement these days, was the most famous mayor of the capital; Even now, even though he is a presidential candidate, he is well respected by the citizens of the capital. However, his rating was low due to his involvement in the electoral politics of his country.

Armando Caledonio, the mayor of San Pedro Sula, is not as rated as Asfura. Just now, as the election approaches, one in three people is misjudging his performance in that position.

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