A Florida court has ruled in favor of Desantis to use masks

(CNN Espanol) – According to court documents, the Florida 1st District Court on Friday suspended orders for the use of masks in state schools.

Attorneys for Florida Governor Ron Desantis have filed an urgent appeal The judge ruled Wednesday that the state of Florida should suspend the restraining order.

The latest court ruling comes amid clashes between the state and some local school districts, who have urged students to wear masks. Covit-19 infection increases.

On August 27, Second Round Judge John Cooper Ruled against Desantis, The case was appealed at the highest level when Florida schools were allowed to establish masked orders.

Cooper ruled that Desandis was exaggerated when the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Department of Health issued an administrative order in late July to issue emergency rules for parents to choose whether their children should wear a helmet in class.

The government has threatened to suspend funding for districts that violate the order and use masks, but 13 Florida school districts have defied the governor and enforced mask orders without electing parents.

Desantis tweeted He was not surprised by Friday’s verdict.

“The first TCA has restored the right of parents to make better decisions for their children. I will continue to fight for parental rights,” he added.

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