The first confirmation collapse! The Chivas player will not be at the club until 2023


This player will not be included in the Herd’s plans for next year, so their purchase option will not be valid for him.

© JAM MEDIA 2021, JAM MEDIA MEXICOAtlas vs Chivas – Clausura Tournament Quarter Finals 2022 Liga BBVA MX

The 2022 opening is in its final stages The Chivas team led by Ricardo Pelez Enge has started outlining the plan for the next match Possible ups and downs of the herd are analyzedThe fold will have an already confirmed discharge.

In the last few hours, several names have been mentioned for hot oven football, where AIan Pulido wants to return to Flock, a football player who is practically excluded By the Rojiblancos High Command. Another leaked name is Martín Barragán del Puebla.

however, A source confirmed to Rebaño Pasión There is one player in the current first team squad who does not enter the plans for 2023, so their option to buy is invalid and They will send him back to his home club at the end of this opening 2022.

poll What did you think of Paolo Yrizar’s strike at Chivas?

What did you think of Paolo Yrizar’s strike at Chivas?

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Paulo Yrizar arrives in Guadalajara for Clausura 2022 Moving from the Dorados to Dabatio, in which he performed well and was then promoted to the first team, he had little action. This semester only adds 20 minutesSo he will return to Sinaloa, the owner of his letter.

Currently, The attacker is recovering from an injury sustained in the sub-20s Against the Tigers, So he did not go on the US tour to face Cincinnati and USA.

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Who are the other players who have one foot outside of Chivas?

There are many elements within Guadalajara that will live through the final days of their stay in the herd. Jesus Molina and Hiram Myer are not in renewal negotiations and their contracts expire in December. Other players Antonio Briseno and Lalo Torres will not be part of the club’s plans for next semester, but who They can be used as bargaining chips to get some reinforcements.

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