The Fair of the Producer to the Consumer of Agronomy seeks a new space

Many situations and places have been missed since this new life began with the arrival of the coronavirus. Although it is true that little by little almost everything was reopening and reinventing itself, there are still questions to be resolved. And in that is the Producer to Consumer Fair that used to take place in the Agronomy campus of the University of Buenos Aires, which remains closed and therefore does not allow these days to take place.

Those who organize this gastronomic and cultural venture, which emerged in 2013 and based on the social, self-managed and solidarity economy, propose to temporarily move the stalls to La Isla de La Paternal Park (Warnes and Chorrarín) since it is a nearby place. For this they want to gather four thousand signatures and present them in the City Legislature, which precisely last year declared the project of Interest for Economic and Social Development.

“Once the necessary amount has been collected, a document will be raised requesting that this site be allowed for the location of a monthly event as is traditional in Agronomy.” the organizers report

The Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires DECLARED OF INTEREST for Economic and Social Development to the “Fair from the Producer to the Consumer” in Agronomy under File No. 70-D-2020.

These outdoor meetings not only have the objective of going to buy the different products that are exhibited in each stall, but it is also an opportunity to take a family walk, meet friends, enjoy a pleasant moment outdoors and breathe in one one of the most beautiful puilmones that the City has.

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Its objective

The Fair “From Producer to Consumer” is a permanent collective construction space where a direct exchange is generated between producers and consumers, brings together entrepreneurs, artisans and producers related to or belonging to the values ​​of the social and solidarity economy.

It is self-organized and seeks to promote learning and cooperative work, through collaborative processes, joint decision-making, and shared assumption of responsibilities and duties.

Promoting another type of trade, an alternative for responsible producers and consumers.

We also have a cultural space within the framework of the fair in which self-managed musicians and artists perform.

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