Carlos Bartelli loses his life after winning the puck

Sad news for the entertainment world! Announced as a loving follower on February 11th Carlos Bartelli He lost his life. It won at 1:00 p.m. Parodying, Famous for following in the footsteps of Infante, departed.

Televisa It gave sanctuary to this immense talent and was a watershed for Mexico to meet Carlos Bartelli. From the first broadcast Parodying, Impersonation caught the attention of the audience, but on the second show he proved to be “e”Mexico’s best impersonator“.

Beloved Carlos Bardelli had an incredible sense of humor, and the Mexican statue caught the attention of the audience as he played in the infantry.

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Talent Follower Point Pedro allowed him to bring to life big stars like Infonde, Amanda Miguel, Jose Jose, Frank Sinatra, Raul Vale, Julio Iglesias, Pimpinella, Valentin Elizalt, Don Francisco, Louis Miguel and Diego Vertagoire.

The reasons for Carlos Bardelli’s departure are not yet known, as it was recorded in Tijuana and had a presentation scheduled for February 13 at a nightclub, much to the amazement of his followers.

The La Culminaria blog points it out Sonoran is a comedian He died suddenly, according to his relatives, who denied that he was suffering from Kovit-19 disease. This further attracted the attention of his followers because the popular television talent seemed to have no disease.

Carlos Bartelli’s talent is immense, he has been awarded as a man who can follow a large number of voices, over 180 and received Hispanic Heritage Awards From the hands of then US President Barack Obama.

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Bartelli, who has been hailed as one of Infante’s best followers in Point Pedro, when he entered Parodying He’s not a rude, he had an art career of more than 20 years. So it is not difficult for him to attract the attention of the participants in the television reality show.

Enter here and show shows Web light!

With his good sense of humor, Carlos Bartelli shared on many occasions that his friends pointed out that he had immense talent; However, it is much easier to highlight the work and experience that created it. The Mexican impersonator pointed out that if they watched a video about him from the beginning, they would say for sure that it was not his thing to follow him and that he would do better than anything else.

The departure of Carlos Bartelli takes his family, friends and followers by surprise; Still can’t believe that a strong young man came out unexpectedly. However, his talent will always remain in their hearts and the achievements he has achieved will never be forgotten. Goodbye, Carlos Bartelli !.

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