Deep disappointment in the Social Rights Area after learning about the IMV Complementary Aragonese Benefit Regulations

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meIt is the last step, but the computer application to request the benefit is not yet available and the social services do not have the paper documentation necessary to request it. Or if? They say that it can be requested in the social services centers from Monday, the 18th. There we will all see each other at the same time. No appointment is supposed.

From the Social Rights Space we have received this Regulation with a deep disappointment. It was the opportunity to improve minimally the Complementary Aragonese Benefit, the PArCo, that we demand so much. They have not let us participate and the result does not improve the Law at all. Nor are the groups to be protected expanded as stated in the Law, referring to the regulations (art. 3.3, f), nor does it specify the processing procedure (art. 7.5 and 7), nor do other supplements appear, in addition to housing (Additional Provision 1, 9), nor does it say anything about the AIF as promised in the Final Provision 1.

More frustration. We already warned that the PArCo (we call it that because it is very scanty, rickety) did not improve the IMV at all, it offered worse conditions in access and benefits than the IAI, lower economic amounts for most of the beneficiaries and was less flexible for adapt to the complex and changing realities of the most vulnerable citizens. This Regulation confirms that the Government of Aragon has no desire to protect citizens beyond what the IMV does. We will have to think that their only objective is to save money and to place the full burden of the fight against severe poverty on the central government. Just the day after the 11th Report 2021 on The state of poverty 2008-2020 in the Spanish State is published, in which you can see how severe poverty has increased in Aragon since 2018 to reach 6.1% of the population, while in the Spanish State the percentage is maintained.

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We will have to “bother” again the Citizenship Counselor (do you remember when we sing to you where the PArCO is?) And that she uses the powers granted by the first final Provision of this Regulation so that “it dictates the complementary provisions that are necessary… ”to improve this extremely PArCA law.

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