The epic response of an influencer in Mexico after being criticized for his physique by a Nike ad

Hernley Rodriguez, also known as Hurley RG on her social networks, shared her joy at being part of the Nike campaign to promote her resume: “It makes me so happy, my face is in Mexico City.”

Of all the comments that congratulated him on his success, Hurley R.G.

After International Women’s Day and the onset of epidemics, Herlanley became famous for the videos she began posting in Dicto last year, in which she created the character Thomas, with whom she criticized the luxurious attitudes of Mexican men.

For this reason, she also has many opponents, but in interviews she has given to various media, the influencer says that she has not been the least affected by the negative comments she receives. This time he proved it again.

After being criticized for his physical appearance, he sent a message to everyone who judged himself: “I have a mirror in my house, I do monthly studies, I know my physical and emotional health, net, does it weigh so much? How big is it in a sports clothing ad? No one wants to promote obesity. “

“In these epidemics, many of us gain weight for emotional reasons, but you’re too lazy $% & you do not care about your neighbors. If you care about the health of others, you will not write so much hanging on social networks,” Hernley continued.

She explained that she was very concerned about those who judged her: “Your comments do not affect me because I get the same comments every day @ &% $ $, I worry they will go and tell someone who is experiencing depression or worry, you do not know the wars of others, so shut up.” “

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Finally he concluded with his weird sense of humor, “I’m going to wipe away the tears they shed for me because they don’t want someone to appear ‘fat’ in a Nike ad.”

This is not the first time Harley RG has collaborated with Nike, and in March of this year it was part of the Nike Sister Voice digital event. When he participated, he talked about eliminating homogeneity and self-love.

“It’s embarrassing for me when brands look for me and tell me: ‘You look like a real woman.’ Oh Bastard! Then what, Ford? Where are the real women? Is it real for you to be a rascal? “, He said during his speech.

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