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In the UK, there is an event called “Divorce Day” which is a day when there are a lot of demands and suggestions about “separation” between spouses, according to a newspaper.Daily Mail“.

According to the newspaper, the so-called “divorce day” for lawyers falls on the first Monday of the first month of each year, usually the first working day after the Christmas and New Year holidays.

These days, lawyers claim that divorce claims or related advice are too high, due to conflicts between spouses during the holidays.

Cooperative legal services say they have already recorded 250 percent of investigations by the end of 2020 compared to 2019.

Attorney Edward Cook said divorce proceedings had tripled between June and October after the UK’s first lockout.

However, according to Cook, the figure was lower at the time of the lockout: “I do not think people’s relations are deteriorating due to the epidemic, but those with pre-existing problems believe that the closure period and the holidays have highlighted the divisions between the two parties.”

But Cook also explained that many couples are more successful in their problems by spending more time together during the lockout.

According to the “Independent” newspaper, the “Relight” organization, which is interested in supporting marital relationships, announced a significant increase in the number of people visiting its website during the holidays in January 2019.

Reliance visits in the first three business days of 2020 increased by 84 percent compared to 2019.

Relight said Monday, January 1, is the day when lawyers and law firms are increasingly receiving new claims from couples seeking divorce.

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