The first time they saw it … a black snake scaring an Australian city dweller … videos and photos

Travelers on a beach in Sydney, Australia were horrified to see a venomous snake with a black and red belly, and the reptile slid on the sand dunes on a popular trail in Maroubra, an eastern suburb of Sydney.

The British newspaper, the Daily Mail, reported that the snake was first spotted by a man who went to a beach and shared scary pictures to remind locals to be careful while wandering the sand dunes.

The next day the newspaper reported that another citizen had spotted the snake at the same place and that others should be careful while walking on the Maruba Beach boardwalk, while users rushed to the terrifying scene, one of them saying: “This is my worst dream.”

Others said they have seen more black-bellied, red-bellied snakes this season than ever before. One wrote, “I ‘ve seen more this year than any other, and they are getting stronger.” Another said, “Red belly snakes are more common than most people think” people “.

A black snake causes fear in Australian city dwellers .. You know the story (2)

The red-bellied black snake is said to be one of the most common snakes in Eastern Australia, and although its venom is capable of causing serious disease, no deaths have been recorded from its bite, and it is common in forests and swamps, often brave. The red-bellied black snake is found in nearby urban areas and the average length is usually 1.25 meters.

A black snake causes fear in the city of Australia .. You know the story (3)

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