Najat Al-Saghira speaks after an absence and reveals his state of health and the reason for his disappearance … on video

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Monday, January 4, 2021 – 03:05

Najat Al-Saghira returned to the conversation after a long absence and broke his silence after a period of speculation and questions about his health and psychological state, and reassured the audience about his health in their first conversation after years of absence.

Young Najat breaks her silence after many years

Journalist Amr Adeeb relayed a message about Najat on his “Al-Hekaya” program, saying that she was shocked by the rumors that are emerging around her, either about her psychological or social condition, such as rumors that she does not have a home. nor financial suffering, and he said that he is fine and does not suffer any problems, and asked. Among the audience you should not believe everything that is said about her, and Amr Adib said that she is good and does not want anything from anyone.

Najat Al-Saghira reveals the reason for his absence

Najat al-Saghira broke his silence after many years of absence and disappearance, and made a telephone conversation with Amr Adib on his show, and reassured the audience about his state of health, saying that he is fine and that he is in her house, but that she does not know the conversation and that she makes interventions and dialogues in the media and that she is only good at singing, and indicated that she is fine. She loves to reassure her fans about her and added that she spends her days listening to music because she considers herself within music and considers it her life.

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Najat Al-Saghira said that he listened to the music he learned from great artists like Muhammad Abdel Wahab and Umm Kulthum, and considered them an art school and a music university, and graduated from it with a doctorate. Singing but studying his work.

Najat Al-Saghira talks about his artistic return

Najat Al Saghira spoke of his return to singing and artistic work, and said that he does not care, but it is difficult today, due to the lack of his work team and the lack of a composer who gives him what he wants to offer, in addition to presenting difficult songs and works in a different way that does not exist these days, and said He tries, but there are difficulties, and if he is able to do it, he will present new works in the next period.

Najat Al-Saghira – 82 years old – has recently concerned the public with rumors of her being withdrawn from the limelight and wearing the niqab, as well as talking about her house being in danger of collapse, and the last appearance of the artist Najat was almost two years ago, and she appeared with a veil, during her birthday celebration, and disappeared. Najat has been out of the lights and art for almost 18 years, and returned 3 years ago with his voice in a new song titled “Kol Al Kalam” with musician Talal, but he remained out of the spotlight and contacted the audience during that period.

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