The environmental digital space and electronic communications center were opened at Kilometer 8

Both proposals are implemented by Ente Comodoro Conocimiento. In the case of Eco Digital, its goal is for teenagers and young people to develop leisure activities, as well as to participate in self-learning training, workshops on different topics, practice laboratories, and short excursions. Students will be able to train in technologies, cinema, social networks, 3D printing, robotics and more.

On the other hand, the ETC space will act as a digital access point for users in this sector. As well as providing space and tools so that new entrepreneurs can promote their productive projects, also including training provided by technical specialists from Ente Comodoro Conocimiento and others.

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In this sense, the president of Ente Comodoro Conocimiento, Rubén Zarate, emphasized regarding the digital environmental space that “the idea is to work on about 20 digital modules ranging from the community manager, to the cinema, to the database architecture. There are some face-to-face components and virtual ones.”

“After a certain period, which will be about 300 working hours over two or three years, they will work on projects that allow them to certify some digital transactions,” he said, adding: “We are also working on robotics and automation.” “Which, in the case we saw today, has an environmental focus on what the mechanisms for removing contaminated products from the sea could be.”

In another matter, he referred to the collaborative workspace -ETC- that was also installed in the meeting center in Kilometer 8 and emphasized that it “acts as a digital point but also as a place where people with businesses can use the machines that we have and we have all the useful software for this purpose.”

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“In addition, we will have people providing assistance and training to those who are starting a project and want to develop a business plan or make the most of the digital tools we all have available, such as the cell phone, to boost sales, collections, etc., improving the competitiveness of every entrepreneur.”

Finally, Zarate stressed the need for the sector to have a space with these characteristics, as “we started registration yesterday and in two hours everything was full and now we have a queue of 200 people for each proposal. This means that the demand is there, the opportunity is there, and the programs are clearly well received.

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