Adele Ramones mourns the health of her friend Busin

Provider Daniel Pisogno He has dominated entertainment news in recent weeks due to health issues. The journalist was the first to break the news about the health of her friend and colleague Padi Chaboy.

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“Yesterday [martes 12 de febrero]”Our colleague Daniel Pisogno, who is still hospitalized in a hospital in Mexico City, unfortunately received a second treatment for the bacteria in his lungs,” he explained. Chaboi. “The procedure was carried out at five, six in the evening [hora local]”Saboy noted. “He went very well, luckily, he's resting, he's recovering because he's spending eight days in the hospital.”

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However, the journalist today Ana Maria Alvarado of the program the sun rises, He said the doctors had decided Induces Pysogno into a coma.

“I reached out Marianita OchoaA very close friend of the family started listening until she found out Alexbrother Daniel And told him he's soft,” Alvarado said. “They tried to wake him up yesterday, he woke up, they put him back in a coma, until the infection goes away. “It's a serious condition, but stable.”

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For its part, during an event in Mexico, Atal Ramones He was quite appalled by the situation his friend found himself in.

“Daniel has a very strong skin, but when it comes to health you have to put everything aside,” Ramones said with a broken voice. “Carla, my wife, loves Daniel so much, what's happening hurts us, I want to laugh with him again.”

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