They make up Gálvez’s “life and family” space: Ferro Ciccone is a former candidate for the council

In a downtown pub, andOn Saturday morning, a working breakfast was held with the deputy of the province, Juan Argañaraz, leader of the “VIDA Y FAMILIA” party.: “Today we are launching our political space in Gálvez, the city we have come to since 2017 and which we love so much… Since 2016 we have been shaping it, and We propose the candidacy of Veronica Ciccone for the local councilThe regional deputy said, recalling that “there is still no electoral calendar, but we believe that the closing of the lists will take place in April or May, and we are already preparing here and in different regions of the province.” This year we’ve visited close to 100 locations in Santa Fe, and maybe next year we’ll introduce 30 plus the Rep list, so we’re very pleased that in 2017 we started with just three locations and potentially 30 talking about regional growth.

Our space – he continued – advocates 4 non-negotiable values ​​for us: Defending life, defending the family, defending liberty, and defending private propertyArgañaraz said, commenting that the contact with Ceccone “happened last year… He has enormous commitment and responsibility, he was already able to recruit more than 60 people for the party, which shows that there are many people who have made that commitment with her and they will certainly support her in the campaign.” Next year.

The local candidate was ‘very excited to be in this place, I guess Today, people are needed to make up their minds, stop complaining and start doing something to help the city, and I find people in Galvez who feel the same way., who want to roll up their sleeves and work on what is missing or does not exist, and start developing projects or ideas ». «As a teacher, I have a lot of experience that the boys and my students have given me, and that seems essential to me, so I am very grateful for the trust in the support… We make up the team from different sectors of the city, and we are open to everything for whoever wants to change or show things. ».

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Ceccone also expressed himself about the statements of both sectors in the Council this week: “I think that by complaining and with this talk that comes and goes, we are not contributing … The thing is not the division, so I hope it is a choice.”

At breakfast, Argañaraz and Ceccone were accompanied by locals and from the region who are committed to “life and family”, as well as the San Vicente councilor Ileana Pieri: “In the previous vote we also had a councilor in El Trébol and we were very close to Rafaela and in Villa Constitución, Which clearly shows that as we go, they see the values ​​of our candidates and I think we’ll grow a lot next year.”

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