The employee revealed an unusual item that a customer had kept in a hotel safe

A maid from Buenos Aires, Argentina, identified as Maria Mercedes TikTok He shared a video in which he showed one of the strangest things a guest did when he kept a very strange object in a safe.

On June 11, the woman shared a post in which she described: “What strange things customers do in hotels. Once I saw a woman who had a shoe that she would take back to her country in a plastic bag and keep it safe.

Then he explained the woman’s reason: “When he left the hotel, he had to put on yes or yes, both shoes, and then he had to go to a safe place to look at it, so that he would not forget his passport. Documents”.

The publication generated comments such as “It’s called hoarding something for a habit”, “I do the same, I put things I don’t want to forget near the house or car keys, so I don’t forget them”, “It’s not a strange thing, this girl is a genius”, ” I forgot I had to wear shoes”.

In May, Mariah Mercedes shared another clip in which she showed off a nice gift some guests gave her as they were leaving. Upon entering the room, he found a note written by them: “Thank you, Maria, for cleaning the room, we are giving you clothes that do not fit in the suitcase due to the excess weight.”

In the recording, he explained that many Chileans and Brazilians went to the Argentine capital to buy clothes because they were very cheap, and then he left various clothes on the bed, sofa and wardrobe: shirts, jackets. , clothes, bags and even shoes.

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Due to the devaluation of Argentina’s peso, Buenos Aires became a favorite destination for foreign tourists, as T-shirts cost $8 dollars, dresses cost $13 and sandals cost $12, the newspaper said. Republic.

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