The emotional story of a grandmother who received 6 consolations this Christmas

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The Christmas Is very close to coming, so some Stories, Seemingly taken from a series, story or movie, is coming true on these dates, just like what happened in the US last Wednesday. Grandma gave her 6 Nintendo Click You.

Deborah Lewis A 68-year-old woman lives there Arizona One day to whom, Coincidentally, the Target Store offered him 6 consoles Nintendo laptops. Louis Tried to send them back However, for the branch located on your street, these were rejected by the staff.

Staff on December 15th Outlet They touched At the door of Deborah, Who thought they had the task of carrying the box containing the Nintendo Switch, however, to his surprise, it did not happen.

One workers Who came to your house He told him that the consoles belonged to him and that they were given to him. Louise thought for a moment that he was being teased, but the target manager was adamant about giving him the electronic devices. Faced with such an act, Deborah hugged him and began to cry.

“On behalf of the target and your store The goal Locals on the same street, We want to give them to you so you can give them to your grandchildren or anyone you likeThe branch official commented.

If you want to see this incredible story, Here We leave the video to you.

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