WhatsApp came in multiple device mode on the iPhone

A few months ago, Share Announced the new system Multiple device It will allow you to use the news app on various platforms unnecessarily Phone Connected.

Now, this feature is available in beta to all iPhone users. This is version of WhatsApp for iOS App Store.

To enable this new mode, the user must enter the “Connected Devices” tab that appears in the WhatsApp Configuration menu.

In this area, a button will be displayed that allows you to activate multiple device meta, allowing you to link an account on the WhatsApp desktop to the Mac, WhatsApp web or portal.

The instant messaging app allows up to four devices without the need Skills Connected.

To connect the device, scan the QR code displayed on the screen and confirm using Face ID or Touch ID.

Once it is confirmed, the person can be confused IPhone Use the WhatsApp desktop as a main device.

To work, this new method uses the newly released architecture, which allows you to send messages from a secondary computer (WhatsApp web or desktop version). Skills Primary

Until before this multi-device mode, the service relied on the phone to send a message to the recipient.

Currently, this feature is not available Android. Meanwhile, the iPad app has not yet been officially launched, which is expected to happen in the coming months.

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