” I scored 27 goals for Real Madrid and then they signed with Coco and Benzema … it can’t be! ” – Ten

Gonzalo Higuain He gave an interview to ESPN in which he explored his life Real Madrid He also told the events of how he lived up to the competition with the signatures that make up the White Club.

Higuain’s beautiful ex-girlfriend reveals the football player’s betrayal

After crossing the River Plate, ‘Pipida’ came to the meringue team for the 2006-07 season and remained until 2012-13. Then he went to Napoli, where he was an icon, then to Juventus, he went through Milan, then he joined Chelsea, now shines Miami Inter, A club owned by David Beckham.

“I remember Capello picking me up at the first training session (with Real Madrid). A year later I had 27 goals, Cristiano 26 … and in the summer they brought Benzema and Coco. I said, ‘It can’t be. How many goals should I score? ‘I got a great score and they bring me benzima and crow,’ says the Argentine striker with a laugh.

However, Higuain Recognizes that his best version came when he was a contender for the same position. ” Kareem came and made me and me get the best out of him. This is a very healthy match with Benzema. It made both of us give up. You can see that he is an amazing striker. Unfortunately we could not play much.

About his presence in the MLS, he says the relationship with him forward Beckham It goes well. Playing with Beckham at Real Madrid made the reunion so much fun. He is good as a boss and his presence is noticeable when he is. He has a noticeable brilliance that encourages him to be in the club here. He is a very quiet, normal, sexy guy. So happy to have it.

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Higuain’s harsh words when CR7 came to Juventus

The former Madridista, on the other hand, declined to comment specifically on the rumors Messi At Inter Miami When you finish your stage PSG.

“What if I told Messi to come to Inter Miami and play?” Don’t get me in trouble. I have no idea. I have one more year on my contract and Leo has signed two or three contracts in Paris. I think we are not joining. But hey, the club likes it, let’s see. It doesn’t depend on me.

Finally, ‘Bibida’ admitted that his time on the Argentina team was over and that he was delighted for the Copa America title elevated by his former teammate in Maracana.

When they won the Copa America, I talked to Messi, Di Maria and Ottamendi. Leo said this was also one of those that didn’t, and it made me very happy. I approached as a champion. But I have the path and everything I have tried. It was an amazing race and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I will not return to the national team, ” he closed.

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