“I can not be world champion without him”: Max Verstappen surrenders to Seko Perez again

The last day of Formula 1 defined the world champion and there were three heroes at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Sergio Seco Perez It was essential for Max Verstappen to fall to Louis Hamilton on the last lap and achieve the miracle of being crowned world champion in the biggest division of motorsport.

The தபதியோ It was indeed a wall for the English, endangering his position in the race, from which he retired, so that the Dutchman reached the final stage of his goal. Mad Max, still amazed by the acting Seco Perez, Returned to give him all the credit for the degree he had received.

Czech became a great partner for Verstappen

“I already told him in the race, but Seko is a legend. What he did for me in the last race to bridge that gap was unbelievable. Without him I would not be a world champion. I owe him a lot.”, Verstappen explained in a recent interview, where he reviewed his coronation as world champion.

In fact, what was done Seco Perez Even those who are not even close to Formula 1 are thrilled with the motorsport world. His excellent attitude and quality on the wheel, renewing their bond shows that Red Bull is a brilliant decision.

Red Bull hopes to continue its doubles title again next season

Once Verstappen’s title is over, the pre-coronation film will not only be a Dutchman who surpasses Hamilton, but will also be in the history books. தபதியோ That prevented Britain from winning its eighth World Championship. Thus, Mad Max, a native of Guadalajara, showed that teamwork excels.

Words of another Horner praising Seko

Christian Horner is the owner and owner of Red Bull Racing Seco Perez Renewed as the current World Champion Team Player of 2022. In the same interview that his colleague gave to the Mexican pilot, the manager also received much praise.

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“Cecco has played a key role for the team. Defend like a lion against Lewis (Hamilton) so it will take time for him and he got a free stop so we can win the championship, ”said the head of the famous energy drinks team.

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