Olimpia and Triancon are already playing in Morazán for a ticket to the semi-finals of the CONCACAF League.


Minute 5: Lionel Torres’ left footed shot saves Menjivar. Another risk visit from Triangan.

Minute 3: First visit to Olympia. Left footed shot by Bonique Garcia that goes up.

Minute 1: The visit starts well. Shot blocked by Andre Orellana and Albos saves.

Minute 1: The match starts at the Morazan Stadium. A ticket to the semi-finals of the CONCACAF League against Olimpia Trianon.

9:25 PM: Already in the field are Olympia and Triangan from Nicaragua.

9:09PM: The match is confirmed to start at 8:25 PM at the Morazan Stadium.

8:08PM: The game will be delayed due to electrical storms around Morazan Stadium.

8:05 PM: Everything is ready at Morasan ground. Soon the teams will jump into the field. Great atmosphere in Morazan.

7:47 PM: The game, scheduled for 8:15 p.m., is still short of kick-off.

7:37 PM: We have to remember that Triangan needs at least 4-0 to send the game to penalties. The winner of the series will travel to Motaqua in the semi-finals.

7:30 PM: We review the 11 of the Nicaraguan squad: Miguel Rodriguez, Francisco Flores, Mario Davila, Eric Telles, Luis Coronel, Lionel Torres, Garch, Jason Coronel, Arteaga, Da Silva and Copet.

7:29 pm: Good atmosphere at the Morazan Stadium in San Pedro Sula. Olympia fans keep coming.

7:13 PM: Confirmed the alignments of Olympia and Triangan in Morazan.

7:11PM: The lineups for both teams at the Morazan stadium in San Pedro Sula will be confirmed soon.

7:10 PM: Olympia’s Ultra Faithful puts color in the preview for the matchup between Olympia and Triangon.

7:00 PM: Welcome to the minute-by-minute match between Olympia and Triangan in the second leg of the CONCACAF League quarter-finals. The score was 4-0 in the first leg.

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Within the framework of our country’s Independence Day, Club Olimpia Deportivo will be looking to finalize their ticket to the semi-final round, where I already await their eternal arch-rivals FC Motagua.

The Lions went 0-4 in the first leg on Nicaraguan soil to qualify for the next round of international competition.

As it happened in 2020, only a disaster of higher dimensions could eliminate Olympia, which is already rubbing its hands to face Motagua.

Today’s match will start at 8.15 pm. Before the said match, Real Espana will visit Herediano in the most attractive match of the best eight round.

Without Edwin Rodriguez

It should be noted that the team led by Pedro Troglio can no longer rely on creative midfielder Edwin Rodriguez. The “Wizard” has signed with Greece’s Aris, a new signing he was awarded yesterday.

Yan Maciel

Likewise, Troglio announced the 11 men to face Triangan at Olympia, although, despite the recovery of Brazilian Yann Maciel, he is not considering a call-up.

You can see: Motagua’s best moments en route to qualifying for the CONCACAF League semi-finals

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On the other hand, Cacique Diriangén from Tuesday to Tegucigalpa to face this game, in theory, a “process”.

data sheet

Time: 8:15pm – Francisco Morazón Stadium in San Pedro Sula.

Second leg match – Concacaf League.

Broadcast: ESPN3/Star +.

Possible sequences:

Olympia: Eric Menjivar; Mayer Nunez, Andre Orellana, Juan Pablo Montes, Gabriel Araujo, German Mejia, Bonique Garcia, Michael Chirinos, Jose Mario Pinto, Brian Moya and Jerry Bengtson.

Triangen: Justo Llorente, Francisco Flores, Eric Telles, Luis Copet, John Mosquera, Jason Coronel, Junior Arteaga, Ramiro Peters, Robinson da Silva, Taufik Garch and Luis Coronel.

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