‘The Dusk Knight’ is an example of science fiction ‘personality and escapism’

Only one name appears on the cover sunset knight (Yermo Ediciones), but two authors hide behind it. No, it’s not something in the style of Carmen Mola, but on this occasion both authors share a nomenclature. Francesc Grimalt Horach and Francesc Grimalt Ramon They are uncle and nephew, and, moreover, the parents of this graphic novel in which the plot and screenplay functions have been split respectively to tell an original sci-fi story of “escape, in the best sense of the word.” It is the first of the authors, Francesc Grimalt-Horache, to give the details behind this work, which will be the first of a line: «We wanted to make a science fiction graphic novel with a vision of a world in which morals are values ​​in themselves», far from the other perception in which “morals wrap themselves in aesthetics.”

In order to separate the good from the beautiful, both authors drew on their training in philosophy to use it as a “bleacher separating the two concepts”. The result, therefore, is a story in which a soldier returns home after many years on the battlefield with the goal of finding… Mysterious knight It is the sunset that causes a lot of problems. References, some of which are evident when looking at the outline of the drawing, range from Dune a Riddick Chronicles, runs through Moebius and those people “who’ve created very personal science fiction and it’s all mixed with my cinematic influences.” For this reason, the comic’s aesthetic exudes a gothic air mixed with a technologically advanced society.


However, the aesthetic part of the story is only half of it, as Francesc Grimalt’s tandem has two parts. The fact that we are family Let’s work in my studioLa Madriguera (which is in Santa María and also functions as an academy), makes it easier,” the oldest of them acknowledges. However, despite having the liberty to “send an idea to my nephew at four in the morning, something I wouldn’t do with another ‘, the truth is, ‘there is also a lot of confidence,’ and after all, each gets involved in the other’s work. Perhaps this best explains that only one name crowns the cover of the book, because they are more than they think. Anyway, ‘things work,’ Otherwise, we wouldn’t have actually been working on the sequel.” Of course, “everyone has their own egos and limitations,” admits Grimalt-Horach who adds that “there are things that are easy to think of, but very difficult to draw.”

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The book also includes a portion of all the “before work” there is when designing characters, weapons, ships, landscapes, environments, and so on. “I do countless drawings. I already have more or less two sketchbooks Complete with a little bit of everything. But, of course, the work has to be baked at some point, and too many ingredients can cause the cake to fall apart. After all, as the icing on the cake, the last pages of The Dusk Knight include “several original drawings showing a portion of the work that usually remains with the artist and is not shown to the public.” This brings the work closer not only to readers, but also to other potential artists who want to learn more about the creative process.

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