Photo: Sarah Corrales waves goodbye to 2022 and turns on the network in a blue micro bikini

actress Sarah Corrals It has seen controversy in recent weeks when it was speculated that she was having an affair with the soap opera heartthrob, Gabriel SotoWith whom she shares the lead role in the telenovela “My way is to love you“However, the Colombian is not talking about it, but she has already captivated thousands with her beauty and she confirmed it in a recent publication. Say goodbye to 2022 In which he She turned on the network in a blue micro bikini.

According to the entertainment journalist Alex CoffeyThe actor will act Corrals For several weeks, and to show his interest he sent various giftsBut so far none of the people involved has issued statements in this regard Irina Beva Still maintains its commitment GrovePreviously married Geraldine Bazan.

Sarah Corrales runs the web in a blue bikini

Sara Maria Corrales Born in Colombia, the beautiful actress’ real name is Castillo, who started her career in her home country and rose to fame when she participated in the reality show “Protagonistas de Novala”, where she came in second place. Now she is one of the favorites on social networks as it shows with her fan following instagram Adding 3.2 million followers Facebook Accumulating more than 720 thousand.

Sarah flaunts her perfect body in a bikini. Photo: FB @SaraCorralesOf

“I’m sharing this remix of my days with my followers: 1. End of year bikini. 2. December photo. 3. Hitting a tight bicep. 4. Coming out photo from Aesthetic. 5. Little message to my fans. Want the best? Why? I love you!” Boy”, he wrote on meta platforms along with 10 photos he shared with his fans.

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Sara She is very active in her official accounts and she confirms it in her latest post, in which she confirms herself as one of the most beautiful actresses, especially for the first picture, where she shows off her great body in a blue micro bikini. With over 600 comments and 17,000 “likes,” the eulogy caught the attention of her millions of fans.

The Colombian imposes with its beach or pool look. Photo: FB @SaraCorralesOf

For almost 10 years, the actress has lived in Mexico, but often travels to Colombia, especially to Medellin, where she has several businesses, one of which is related to the real estate sector. Also, the handsome protagonist of soap operas has worked as a singer, dancer, and participated in reality shows like “Look Who’s Dancing.” Her other projects: “El Señor de los Cielos” with her character Matilde, “Despertor Contigo” and “La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo”

The way you dress Sara She also shows that she likes to try many styles Tight bikinis Millions of fans fall in love with her, because the beautiful Colombian prides herself on the most daring and elegant designs that are modern and relaxed.

The actress has impressed the fans with her beauty. Photo: FB @SaraCorralesOf

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