The day Edith Gonzalez stopped being Televisa’s favorite

Edith Gonzalez starred in the Latin campaign with her daughter Constanza Got milk? in 2011 (Photo: Alexander Tamarko/Getty Images).

Edith Gonzalez She was one of the most loved actresses in show business. He has participated in almost 40 telenovelas since the 1970s and many of them became popular almost throughout Latin America: Rich people cry too, Salome, wild rose, Miss Barbara, Wild Heart, BravosBesides having credits in dozens of movies and dramas.

She was one of the most prolific stars on Televisa, Telemundo and Tv Azteca, thanks to a capricious and privileged young woman, or a sweet and sensitive countess, or a rude and insensitive landlord, or any role that came her way. The actress won with her performance.

But in almost every successful career, Edith had a bad time when Televisa vetoed her for fulfilling her wish to become a mother..

By 2003, Emilio Larosa had become one of the most important producers of Televisa, mainly for his youthful and humorous stories. His style was marked by reacting to what the audience was asking, giving his characters the best possible chance, and writing scripts on the fly.

That year, LaRosa produced wooden girl Gonzalez stars ‘Marissa Santibañez Villalbando’, as well as Jaime Camille and Gabriel Soto as his love interests. The telenovela aired in prime time with 205 episodes and Aired for more than nine months, the actress was only the first three.

The “official” version given is that Edith was forced out of the project due to her recent pregnancy, and Ana Patricia Rojo will replace her. The actresses changed when she left the character of ‘Marissa’ in the middle of the fire, for which she suffered severe burns on her face; After several surgeries, the heroine was reunited with her talents and the world was “a new woman”, this time in charge of Rojo.

For more than a decade, Edith revealed that she tried to stay in production and proposed some alternative ways to justify her pregnancy or absence from the plot. “I asked the producer to let me continue with the novel, he said he wasn’t going to disrespect me, he wasn’t going to use my pregnancy like that, and then they kicked me out. That’s the truth. They didn’t just run me out. wooden girlBut they fired me from Televisa,” he said in an interview with Javier Solorzano.

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“I am not leaving Televisa. I was kicked out for being pregnant… Worse than at the Simon Bolivar boarding school for nuns: at 14, they kicked me out for appearing in a photo shoot, in my school uniform. So, I got pregnant and they fired me at Televisa and I felt like I was 14 again,” she added.

Ana Patricia, for her part, He doesn’t have a good time making decisions.: If the change was already controversial, the way she took on her first lead role (she’d never acted on television) wasn’t the way she wanted it.

“Yes it was very controversial, we had very different physical characteristics, there were big differences between the two of us, but I believe at no time did she feel that there was something personal between her and me,” he said. the window In 2019.

Recently on the radio show La caminera Admitting that it was a complicated situation, she said, “Because at that time it was clear what I wanted most, and if they told me, ‘You’re going to do a novel at nine o’clock at night,’ it was at that time. The most watched time slot, of course, was something that excited me.” ” he said.

Edith gave birth to her only daughter, Constanza, the result of her relationship with the politician Santiago Creel, and Televisa’s initial veto gradually disappeared, but she never again received privileges. “I did The world of animalsI did Dance for a Dream, like making points to see if they’ll hire me again and if they don’t. Instead, they sent me to Colombia Miss Barbara. I think they felt like the guilty media,” he told Solorzano.

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His last work house was TV Azteca. The actress died on June 13, 2019 as a result of ovarian cancer diagnosed three years ago.

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