Is a short man perfect for a couple? This says science

According to science, the best lovers are short men.

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According to his new research New york university, There are small details that make the difference whether a couple can be considered stable and last forever: man height.

Although much is said about the ideal man of 1.80 metres, research has indicated that man Short menranked as less than 1.75 million, are preferred by women and also tend to have a lower divorce rate than tall men.

Why is it happening?

It is said that short guys tend to have a harder time finding a partner, so when they do have a relationship, they try to take better care of it, trying to make it perfect (or the closest thing).

They are more loving, attentive, share household chores, and also tend to have a better economic situation.

In addition, they like to spend time with friends or with their partners, they are thoughtful and it is said that there is less risk of infidelity, as confirmed by a study conducted by the dating site Illegal confrontations.

So, next time they tell you something about your height, remember that according to science, you’re almost perfect.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. (Photo: Getty Images)

Tom Holland and Zendaya.  (Photo: Getty Images)

Tom Holland and Zendaya. (Photo: Getty Images)

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