Enrique Guzmán lashes out at the press after questioning what 4Bus0 said to Mayela Laguna’s daughter.

A few weeks ago, it emerged There is a video and pictures That will be involved Enrique Guzman Drunk the eldest daughter Mayella Laguna. Journalist Emilio Morales He promised on his channel Network lightThat Those pictures are there. However, according to journalists, Holding the video in her hands is Alejandra Guzmán.

For its part, Gustavo Adolfo Infante He commented that he was aware of the rumour. However, You don’t see evidence that it actually exists.

Although before Enrique Guzmán denied the allegations And said he was used to it The fame they “created” for him is said to be “4b*s4d0r”.The press took it upon themselves to question the singer again about this delicate situation.

Enrique Guzmán denied the abuse rumors. / Instagram: @eguzmanoficial

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Enrique Guzmán talks about the controversial and alleged images of t*c4nd0 to Mayela Guzmán’s daughter

On Tuesday morning, November 14, It contains lobby of the National Theatre, Before show of Rock Caravan And rollasked a reporter Enrique Guzman About his feelings on the controversial nature of those rumours. The singer exploded in front of the media Once again he categorically denied that it was not true.

“Do you have knowledge of that photograph, do you know, have you seen it?”Alejandra Guzmán’s father said. To which the reporter replied that a classmate had taught her “something”.

Enrique Guzman. / Instagram: @eguzmanoficial

After the communicator answered, Guzmán demurred: “Question:Do you have knowledge of that photo, do you know it? I don’t want and I really like (see photo), because I am in a relationship with a younger girl my age… M3 3nc4nt4” He made a disapproving look on his face.

Naturally, The moment was awkwardSo artists like it Angelica Maria They tried to leave the conference. However, everyone chose to stay in their places The host decided to end the conference.

This is what Enrique Guzman said:

It contains showThe Rock and Roll Caravan, will be part of Angélica María, César Costa and Roberto Jordán, among many others. It will be carried out Next November 17 In the Colossus of Reformation. I know He opened another presentation on February 16.

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