The daughter of Reynolds Parrett, who was dismissed by Abinadar, collected over RD $ 180,000 at the embassy

Last Friday, Republican President Louis Abinader announced that he had fired 181 officials attached to the Foreign Ministry and the Foreign Service in the first three months of this year.

This was carried out by eight presidential decrees, and among those sacked were the daughter of former Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) general secretary Reynolds Parade Perez and Meline de los Milacros Parade Chuvaso.

Perez Suzuo was appointed to the Dominican Embassy in Madrid, Spain, where he held the title of “Consultant” and received a salary of $ 3,200 (approximately RD $ 183,150), divided into two parts: a fixed salary of US $ 1,600 last month, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIA). The same amount under the line “Expenses and Representations”.

termination of employment

Parade Chuvaso was revoked from the embassy by order 125-21, with 35 officers abroad.

These are Nicole Gomez Bolanco, Netherlands; Nancy Esperanza Ramia Morale, Republic of Colombia; Adriana Alcandara Cospெdes de Ramரres, Cuba; Alvaro Ulysses Anton Sanzour, El Salvador; Caesar Augusto Victoria Chuvaso, Canada.

Similarly, Yidonis Toledo Rodriguez, Peru; John Garcia, Guatemala; Miguel Antonio Espinal Guerrero, Germany and Canada; Caesar a. Vasquez Cabrera, Ecuador; Wendy Koiko Kampakna, Holy See; Nelson Nicholas Morel, Haiti.

Dolores Romero Calderon, adviser to the Dominican Republic in Peru; Eduardo Duarte, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; German Emilio Ventura Herrotte, Cuba; Yamil Matos, Trinidad and Tobago; Gene Aubrey, Nicaragua.

Similarly Loremi Gonzalez Fernandez, Italy; Felix Ramon Gomez Secretary in Polanco, Panama and Italy; Gina Alvarez Jackson, Assistant Consul General at the Dominican Republic in Barcelona, ​​Spain; Lucy Diaz Rizzo, Switzerland; Edwin Alexander Tomanjuus Alvarez, Republic of Korea.

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In addition, Johanne Diomarette Pena Arias, Adviser to the Dominican Republic of Italy; Cruz Santana, USA; Atalberto Sanchez Paulino, assistant in the United States; Manuel Garcia Lizardo, Assistant to the US Embassy.

With Luis Alberto Medina de los Santos of the Russian Federation; Laura Santana Reyes, USA; Laura Elisa Santana Iber, Sweden; Fred Ramon Castillo Paulino, Panama; Gina Mirea, a consultant in Honduras and deputy ambassador to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Similarly, the Deputy Ambassador to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Araselis Base Arias; Marjorie Katherine Routinal Bouchelli, Deputy Ambassador to the United States of America in Los Angeles, California; Laura Margarita de Jesus Camilo Carlo, Valencia, Spain; Virginia Miguelina Diaz Santana, adviser to the United States Organization for Washington (OAS) and Jose Rafael Perez Concepcion, councilor in France, Ecuador and Germany.

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