The government has launched work worth RD $ 238 million in La Vega

Republican Vice President Raquel Pena on Saturday unveiled La Penta’s return and the pedestrian and motorized bridge at the Soto junction on the Duarte Highway at a cost of 147 million pesos.

At the event, the Minister of Public Works, Deline Ascensión, noted that the construction began with the establishment of a toll booth that other officials had planned to undertake.

He also said that the work was done to save the lives of people traveling in the area, apart from the frequent traffic accidents in the past.

Works like this are said to be created with people in mind.

He stressed that work should be carried out with 150 million pesos and that “with the transparency listed by the current government, only 147 million was used”.

He also said that 42 illegal crossings have been closed on the road from La Vega to Santiago to avoid traffic accidents on the Duarte Highway.

From the Ministry of Public Works, we have been sowing seeds for the country, ”the Minister said.

This work is part of the Duarte Highway Expansion, Reconstruction and Modernization project being undertaken by the Ministry of Public Works.

The return will be a shopping mall with seven shops, which the government has promised will help boost economic activity in the area.

On her side, Governor Louisa Jimenez assessed the presence of the Vice President in the province of La Vega, opened the job and explained what was most needed.

Speaking on behalf of the community, Franklin Crowlen thanked the officers who attended for the important work that will benefit the communities.

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Opening Ceremony of the Power Substation at La Penta

Peña, along with the general manager of Edenorte Andrés Cueto, led the formal opening of the La Penda substation, 91 million pesos.

Kyoto described the work as very important because it would bring quality of life to the surrounding communities.

The official said the work will benefit more than 15,700 users, which has been translated into more than 60,000.

He said Kanabagova, Vega and Moga Viza are working to reduce congestion at substations.

Engineer Quito said the construction of the La Penda substation would bring nearby areas, such as La Torre and Presa de Tavera, where the voltage was very low, to an optimal level by running the work.

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