The credit crunch is worrying Abinadar

President Louis Abinader acknowledged yesterday that in the current context of increasing government debt, officials are concerned that the country’s investment will be limited.

The president said they have always been concerned about the financial issue in the face of challenges already accepted by his administration, such as wage increases and real reform in policing to improve the safety of citizens.

“For that, we need resources, better infrastructure, construction of local roads for production and funding for the agricultural sector,” he stressed.

“We are concerned that this situation of debt increase will not limit the investments we need,” Abinader said.

After returning to the country yesterday afternoon after attending the XXVII Euro-US Summit in Andorra this week, Abinader gave a press conference at Los America Airport.

“We have Ebero-US leadership, and we have an important and vital role to play in guiding our countries to revitalize and rebuild our economies. Can, “he said.

Imbalance in vaccines
The president criticized the imbalance in the process of obtaining anticoagulant vaccines, describing it as “lack of unity” from some countries, and said that for this reason they should buy vaccines developed in the People’s Republic of China.

This response echoes what was revealed at the aforementioned summit, where Ibero-American countries asked that access, purchase and distribution of vaccines should be global and that they should not be monopolized by rich countries. Earlier, the head of the Dominican government broadcast his complaints on the issue.

Similarly, Abinader confirmed that COVAX, the global mechanism for equal access by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the GAVI Vaccine Alliance, has failed with some of the vaccines provided to countries they have agreed to.

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With Kovacs, the country has agreed a total of 2,169,600 visits, of which only about 91,200 are in South Korea. Obtained from Bio Science Laboratory.

He also called for an emergency meeting with Ibero-US economies and finance ministers in Santo Domingo on May 24. The head of state said the Spanish president had coordinated with Point Sanchez for the call.

Less deaths than in the United States
In response to a report from the United States, its citizens were advised not to travel to the Dominican Republic.

Abinadar briefed other Ibero-US presidents and leaders on the agenda developed during his visit and the issues discussed with King Felipe VI of Spain and the head of the Spanish government, Puntare Sanchez.

In points
Travel to the summit.

Abinader was in Madrid, Spain last Saturday, then president of Andorra, where he attended the Ibero-US summit, in which the Dominican Republic received the Provisional Secretariat to host the event in 2022.

They get it.
He was greeted at the airport by Vice President Raquel Pena; Jose Ignacio Baliza, executive president of the presidency; Defense Minister Carlos Diaz Morba and other officials.

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