This is how the Golden Boot came after the doubling of Leo Messi

Leo Messi This Thursday night FC vs. Getafe. He was the main protagonist of Barcelona’s victory. Argentina scored two goals in the first half and distributed one assist in the second half to ensure their team’s victory. By this duplication, ’10’ He has already added 25 goals to the league so far and continues to struggle Golden Boot This season.

After these two goals, the captain of Persia He joins Cristiano Ronaldo to become the second highest-scoring player in Europe. Both Madeira and Rosario now have 25 goals, they are two big followers of Robert Lewandowski, the most favorite with 35 goals to win this prestigious scoring award this season.

Bayern Munich are on a fantastic course forward, he is better than last year. He marked 35 ‘Cicero’s in only 25 games, So it has a corrupt average, which is higher than its competitors. In addition, it should be noted that he has been sidelined for a few weeks and has not been able to play in the last 4 Bundesliga games so he can still score many more goals.

If it is almost impossible for Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to reach the top, Andre Silva, who ranks fourth in the rankings, is even more complicated. Eintrach Frankfurt’s ‘9 ‘has had the best season of his career and has scored 24 goals in 28 games. One goal behind him is another Bundesliga tip, in this case Earling Holland. Norway have missed several games due to injury, but still have 23 appearances in 25 games.

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The struggle to get into the ‘Top 5’ spot continues

Kylian Mbabane is tied with the Vikings in the fifth with the same goals, Even though he was behind for playing more duels than him. Jenkin’s forward, Onavachu, 29, has fewer points, so he is behind the value of his goals for playing in the Belgian league. Behind them is a three-fold tie between the world’s top three pioneers this season and last season.

Karim Benzema, Romelo Lukaku and Harry Kane all have 21 goals. The Frenchman scored two runs against Cadiz on Wednesday. On the other hand, the Englishman has been a beacon for Tottenham this season and he is also his best assistant in addition to the high scorer. Belgium, for its part, is the ‘killer’ of an Inter Milan on the verge of beating ‘Scudetto’ in Italy.

Classification of the Golden Boot 2021

  1. R. Lewandowski (Bayern): 70 points (35 goals)
  2. Leo Messi (Barcelona): 50 points (25 goals)
  3. C. Ronaldo (Juventus): 50 points (25 goals)
  4. A. Silva (Eintrach): 48 points (24 goals)
  5. E. Holland (Dortmund): 46 points (23 goals)
  6. K. Mbappé (PSG): 46 points (23 goals)
  7. B. Onuvachu (Genk): 43.5 points (29 goals) *
  8. K. Benzema (Real Madrid): 42 points (21 goals)
  9. H. Kane (Tottenham): 42 points (21 goals)
  10. R. Lukaku (Inter Milan): 42 points (21 goals)

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