The Congress will adopt the vacancy resolution against Tina Polwarte in the next plenary

Last December, Tina Polwarte took over as the president of Peru. (AP Photo/Martin Mejia, File)

He Congress of the Republic Motion gave account of 5372, which proposes a vacancy President of the Republic, Tina PolwarteThis Thursday night, March 30th.

Along with this, it has been reported that it will be put to a vote in the next plenary session on Tuesday, April 4, to see if it can be agreed to for discussion. Joseph WilliamsSpeaker of the Legislative Assembly.

In a comprehensive day of plenary session of CongressWilliams indicated that his argument was a vacancy motion against Polwart, who is slated to become president in December 2022.Permanent moral incapacity”.

Chairman of Congress, Recalls that as per legislative norms, admission of vacancy movement will be discussed. Congressmen Next Full.

Williams also indicated that the President has been briefed by his office. Tina Polwarte, at the entry of this requirement. The motion by the left-wing congressmen came after 49 protesters were killed in clashes with the armed forces during the protests since last December under the former president. Pedro Castillo Tried to give a Conspiracy.

Congress report on vacancy resolution against Tina Polwarte. | Twitter

In parallel, Boluarte faces a trial caseAlong with the former president Pedro Castillo. Based on the businessman’s statements, he has been accused of illegally funding the Peru Liberal Party in the 2021 general election. Henry Shimabukuro. This hearing was included as an argument in the opposition to Boluarte’s dismissal.

In detail, this week, the First Western District Attorney’s Office, which specializes in money laundering crimes, expanded its investigation. Polwart, Castle And Shimabukuro Money Laundering and Organized Crime. Shimabukuro has detailed in various press interviews how he financed the president’s travels and proselytizing activities during the last election campaign.

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During that match, Castle He headed the presidential list of the political party Peru Libre, while Bolvard aspired to the vice presidency.

In response, after various statements Shimabukuro, Polwart Rejecting all these allegations against him, he reiterated that it was “a dark political maneuver to taint constitutional government, democracy and institutional structure with words and without evidence”.

“There was no negotiation, solicitation or favor on the part of Ms. Tina Polwarte”, his office said on Twitter in response to allegations that he received undeclared money from businessmen in the election campaign.

“If Mr. Shimabukuro has cooperated or financed party activities, he has done so entirely personally and without any commitment,” Polwart said at another time.

Finally, it should also be remembered that last Monday, the Head of State responded National Prosecutor, Patricia BenavidesAt Government House for alleged irregularities in the contracts of his former adviser Girika Asayak’s companies.

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