Google ensures that Bart is not trained by ChatGPT

“BART is not trained on any data from ShareGBT or SatGBT,” they explain at Google.
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ChatGPT came out of OpenAI and it represented a revolution not only among the general public but also among other tech companies who had to quickly adapt and react to the chatbot in one way or another. In the case of Google, The answer is called BardAnd the company has come out to explain its “integration” with ChatGPT to critics.

At its launch in early February, Google explained that Bart is an experimental chatbot built on LaMDA, the company’s language model for dialog applications. LaMDA is the same artificial intelligence engine from a former Google engineer He warned that he knew. The company hoped it would be powerful enough to make Bard a competitor to ChatGPT.

However, Bard’s early days were not as good as ChatGPT’s. Commented An article is informative With the company so keen to turn around the fortunes of its AI chatbots, the Google Brain team is enlisting its DeepMind division to help defeat OpenAI with a new venture called Gemini.

Not only that. In the same statementRecommended by Google Intermission As much as training the bard using data from ChatGPT taken from the website ShareGPT. Apparently, a former Google AI researcher spoke out against using that data publication.

This information has already received an official response from the company. spokesman Chris Pappas said For the edgeGoogle has never used this data, “BART is not trained on any shareGBT or satGBT data,” he says.

According to InformationJacob Devlin, a Google AI engineer who left Google to join immediate competitor OpenAI, tried to warn Google not to use that ChatGPT data because it would violate OpenAI’s terms of service and their responses were very similar.

A source told the same publication that Google stopped using that data after its warnings and removed that part of the training.

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