“I often talk to him…”


Xavi Hernandez Judged on the report of the Vice-President of Barcelona, Rafael YusteHe recognized the connections with the environment Messi He is likely to return to the Catalan club for the following campaign.

In a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s game vs ElseThe Barca coach is excited about the Argentine’s return, but takes it cautiously, saying “it’s not time to talk about his return”.

“I’m a friend, I talk to him often, but it’s not the time. Not for the good of Leo or for the good of the club. It’s a subject we deal with, I have a lot of friendships, but now until it’s over, there’s a world left”, commented the coach.

Savi He shared the words And you By confirming that they are in love with Rosario. “Yes, of course, don’t get me wrong, but of course. I have watched him grow up. This is exemplary. Delusion is normal. One last dance like Michael Jordan. It is normal for people to get excited,” he said.

And he added: “I hope to see Leo again at Barca anyway. He would cheer me on first when he came back. This is the club of his life, he is the best player in history, but now is not the time to talk. One month left to win two titles. You don’t need to talk about potential deals or Messi, you need to focus on Else, Real Madrid and all that is to come.

DD makes it clear that he has done nothing to return Messi And everything is in the hands of the striker. “It doesn’t depend on me, it depends on Messi, it depends on his happiness, it depends on whether he wants to come back and has this option. I have a relationship of friendship and trust, if he decides to come back, I will be happy. I will add first to come. At the moment there is nothing. “We are doing a disservice to Leo and the club. It depends on many factors. We are at the expense of fair play, but above all Leo’s will”.

On the other hand, Savi He admitted that he has not met the team to discuss next season and that they are only focusing on the following games.

“There is still everything to play for. I don’t understand them, really. We’ve been criticizing all year that we’re not going to win, we’re talking about the football players of the coming season, the bread and butter, and now that we’re one step away from winning. “We are one step away from achieving the success in the post-Messi era that scared us so much,” he explained.

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