The CMD warns that the Govt-19 epidemic is far from over

Waldo Ariel Zuro, president of the Dominican Medical College (CMT), warned people this Sunday morning that the Govt-19 epidemic is still a long way off.

Zurro’s protest came in the wake of an uprising imposed by the Dominican government over a curfew order, with a large percentage of Dominicans cutting back on security measures such as the use of masks and physical distance.

“Those who think everything is over are wrong. It is a grave mistake to think so, ”he said.

He added that the danger has not passed and there is still a long way to go because there are a majority of people who need to be vaccinated.

He stressed that there is an immediate risk of being infected by other types of highly aggressive and dangerous viruses such as the delta variant.

“We all need to avoid a new outbreak. As a result of this new outbreak, more and more people are dying from the virus,” he said.

Despite raising the government’s steam curfew order, the CMT reiterates that the Dominican people should not reduce their security.

“Every Dominican must ensure their safety by maintaining physical distance. Use of masks, hand hygiene, avoidance of closed spaces and crowds, as well as contributing to mass vaccination. We have to maintain these safety measures even if we are vaccinated, ”he said.

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