The CIA has classified UFO documents. They are available online

More than 2,700 CIA documents containing information about the mysterious eruptions in Russia, as well as data from senior government officials attesting to the appearance of UFOs, can be consulted and downloaded online as a result of the diligence of those fighting to find out the truth.

OK, They have been classified since the 1980s and were received by fans of the event after lengthy requests submitted under the Public Access to Information Act (Freedom of Information Act).

Many requests have been collected over time because the US Secret Service has decided to store all the information on a CD called a “UFO Collection”. In the summer of 2020, John Grenwald Jr., creator of “Black Vault” was able to upload the entire content and purchase it In PDF format On his website

CIA documents on UFOs are available on the Internet

These documents cover dozens of incidents, ranging from personal information obtained by senior U.S. officials to a single detail Mysterious explosions From a small Russian town. However, these are only a small part of the database, according to CIA Greenwald.

Although they claim that this is a compilation of their entire assorted documents, it may not be fully verified.

Black Vault investigations will continue to look into whether additional documents are in the possession of the CIA.”, The youth mentions on his website, where he can download all the information stored in the“ UFO Collection ”.

The US Congress has asked the CIA for a classified report on UFOs

U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Greenwald completed the task of uploading the documents a few months before the intelligence officers were asked by Congress UFOs.

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The director of the U.S. Intelligence Agency and the Secretary of Defense will be less than half a year old to submit a classified report on so-called parliamentary committees on defense and the armed forces.Unrecognized aerial events”.

The arrangement was included in the intelligence of the $ 2.3 trillion economic recovery package signed by President Donald Trump late last year. In fact, in 2020, the Pentagon released three short films, which later confirmed that the U.S. Navy was real.

In those clips, unidentified flying objects are seen, moving fast when recorded by infrared cameras. For now, however, he does not know their origin or what they mean.

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