Plant an App, the Romanian platform that helps create apps, receives funding of € 720,000 on Seedblink on the first day of listing

By listing on SeedBlink, Plant an App reached € 600,000, of which € 250,000 was pre-campaign narrow investment, with Elite and Classic members investing in the network, and € 120,000 investments from another campaign developed by Plant an App on the platform. in the USA. In the first three hours after the public opening of the campaign, the sum of 350,000 euros was raised. After listing
For the public, the startup aims to invest 250,000, a goal that was reached in the first two hours and surpassed 100,000 euros in the next hour.

“We are very pleased with this success and are equally grateful for the confidence that the investors have placed in us. In the early hours after the public launch, we have reached the maximum funding, with a total investment of 720,000 euros. Our initial share was 500,000, but we managed to surpass this target in record time. “Three hours.” Bogdan Lescu, Founder and CEO of Plant an App, explained that we will use this money to expand our sales and marketing efforts, but also to develop the platform.

Due to the great interest of the registered investors in the platform, Plant an App decided to increase the maximum amount to 720,000 €, by 100,000 € in addition to the amount initially created, in the same circumstances.

The Plant an App listing was SeedBlink’s largest campaign to date, with the largest number of private investors making commitments. About 100 SeedBlink registered investors have shown their support. One advantage is that those interested have time to study the Plant an App investment opportunity for a week, during a special pre-listing period directed to Elite & Classic members on SeedBlink. The primary campaign took place between January 5 and 11.

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This campaign marks the first time a SAFE has been used to fund SeedBlink, a Silicon Valley startup’s convertible note tool, developed by Y Combinator.

“What happened when the Plant An app was listed on SeedBlink underlines the strength of our investor community, and tacitly confirms that SeedBlink has become an important link in financing disrupted tech companies, not only in Romania – we are already the fourth international startup backed by success, facilitating financing of nearly Of € 10 million through our platform, ”said Andrei Dudoiu, co-founder and CEO of SeedBlink.

SeedBlink is the largest crowdfunding platform for stocks, in terms of amounts traded and number of investors, in the Southeast European region. The thriving SeedBlink community is at the heart of the platform’s success, along with a select group of start-up technology companies built by teams passionate with innovative ideas, real social impact, and international scalability.

With this approach, Plant an App aims to expand sales and marketing efforts, including by building a team with growth marketers and business development representatives. Moreover, the startup will continue to improve the customer experience on the platform and will also increase the product development team. Plant an App also aims to participate in the training of future low-code engineers by creating a Low-Code Academy in which you will implement both online and offline learning programs.

Plant an App is currently running a crowdfunding campaign for stocks on the platform in the US. Romanian investors can participate here as well.

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