Ian Triak: “Serena weighs 90 kilograms and does not move easily on the field. If she is a little polite, she will retire!” | Serena Williams’ coach broke up

Following criticism from American player Ian Triak, Patrick Mourdoglo jumped to the defense of his student Serena Williams.

Iron Triak’s comments to Serena Williams went unheeded by American player French coach Patrick Mourdoglo.

“For her age and weight, she’s not as easy to get on the field as she did 15 years ago. I want to see, for example, a player who looks like Steffi Graf, “ Ion Triak, who was announced for the Sport Build, informs Digi.

Patrick Mourdoglo did not enter the game of sharp lines, but Serena Williams reiterated that she has nothing to prove to anyone: “A year ago, Serena reached another milestone: she won her first title as a mother in Auckland. She does not need to prove anything to anyone now – she has shown the world that she has the strength to persevere, no matter what the circumstances or challenges. May 2021 be a memorable year!” Message from Serena Williams’ coach Patrick Mourdoglo.

Serena Williams will compete in the Australian Open on February 8-21. The U.S. player has won 23 titles in his career, but has not won any competition for this skill since he won his trophy in Melbourne in 2017.

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