Asus announces RT-AX68U router with WiFi 6 and instant card mobile app

We recently noticed the popularity of WiFi 6 routers as more accessible and concise, and this section was fixed by Asus with the newly announced model RT-AX68U. It comes with support for the AX2700 Home Router and the new free mobile app Immediate guard, Allows users to secure any public WiFi connection with a single click.

This product is coming Design 3X3 MIMO, For better security, smoother connections and faster streaming for a larger number of devices. The Instant Guard mobile app uses VPN technology to protect public WiFi connections from anywhere. The sleek vertical design with external antennas makes the product easy to place anywhere and adapts to the modern environment. The new WiFi 6 router (802.11 axis) supports wireless speeds of up to 2700 Mbps.

It uses OFDMA, a new WiFi 6 technology that allows you to reach more than just signals over WiFi 5. Vertical design includes 3X3 MIMO antenna configuration, using 3 antennas and 3 separate data streams. It also offers other enhancements such as signal-centric beamforming for each device. In addition, it comes with support Asus Aymesh, So that the WiFi network can be easily extended into the WiFi mesh system, covering the entire house.

The solution provided in the Instant Guard package uses a VPN server running on this router and is intuitive to access. The router weighs 630 grams, has 256 MB of NAND flash, 512 MB of RAM, 4 LAN ports, a WAN, 1 USB 3.2 Gen 1 port and USB 2.0.

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