Joe Biden outlined his economic plan: What’s the new direction for the United States?

President-elect Joe Biden’s economic plan focuses on an immediate recovery from the crisis caused by the Govt-19 epidemic, future administration’s economic adviser Brian Dees has told Reuters.

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According to a report in Reuters Next, Tees, who heads the National Democratic Governance’s National Economic Council, told Mediafox that Biden would present a two – way economic plan.

The first direction will be a recovery plan, which will include pay 2,000 payments to help overcome the downturn caused by Govt-19 and a long-term recovery effort in line with the Build Back Better plan. ), Advertised by Pitan during the election campaign.

The Transition Committee has already begun discussing important plans with Democrats and Republicans, which will be released Thursday, Dees said.

The program includes direct payments, money to expedite national vaccination campaigns, funding for testing and follow-up and the rapid reopening of most schools.

“What you are asking from the President-elect … will be a strong effort to identify the need for assistance and, at the same time, to begin to recover these investments. We need an immediate recovery package. In December, Congress took an important step, but did a lot of work. We need to focus on that immediately, “said Tease.

He cited a recent employment report, which shows that 140,000 jobs were lost in December, the first decline since April, a warning to be taken into account.

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