The chairman and rector of the UPR say the debt restructuring plan is “declining”

At this time, the Senate is discussing the plan, and with the rectors of the eleven units and campuses, the President of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Mera Olavaria Cruz, warned that the plan will be implemented. The debt adjustment plan (PAT) is low in terms of the economic benefits it seeks to establish for the island’s main education center.

Olavaria Cruz, and the Rectors and Rectors, supported the grant funding in the UPR proposing the move; However, they warned that the $ 500 million budget allocation for the company, which would be established over five years, would not guarantee contributions to the UPR pension system in compliance with all its obligations, including the requirements and services of accredited companies. Education that differentiates people and highlights and quality.

“The closure of units or units of the UPR system has not been considered in any of the plans of this President or the Governing Board of the UPR. The country needs to redesign the new social contract of equality, democracy and justice with the people of Ricoh.

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In meetings with senators, majorities and minorities, the President and the Rectors shared that the UPR could not withstand the additional budget cuts, while at the same time sharing the mechanisms of financial responsibility more effectively and effectively.

“From the university we must have the economic conditions to increase its assets and place them for the benefit of the people of Puerto Rico. UPR is part of that country’s plan, and every island, from every part of our island, is an asset to the development of Puerto Rico. We hope that the Senate of Puerto Rico will listen to us and take decisive action to address our concerns for future benefit.

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Prior to the Senate, the Rectors and the President’s efforts were joined by the Vice Presidents of Educational Affairs and Research and Student Affairs, Upaldo Cordova and Jose Pertomo, respectively.

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