They filter out alleged payments to twitch streamers: iPoy Lanos, Aaron Play

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There is always speculation about the amount of money available on social networks The most popular streamers, Especially with the arrival Torque On this day new information came out, in which the said payments will be revealed Detailed list Content creators.

The figures will be confirmation of the amounts already estimated, since the same Aaron Flea Commented on the matter after a mistake Iboy Lanos With samples on screens. With this list you can know how much Streamers From August 2019 Up to October 2021.

It is worth noting that the statistics are the monthly money they receive Torque, Does not count Sponsorships, Goods, income Web light And DonationsThe amounts listed are not taken into account.

User who posted sums in a thread Twitter Recommended to Streamers They will change their data Access the site And use two-step authentication.

How Much Does Aaron Play Streamer Make?

In the leaked list, the highest earner in the gaming world Torque This AaronplayWho would have earned in the last 26 months $ 3 million.

How Much Money Does an Iboy Make at Lanos Twitches?

Also listed Iboy Lanos, Who has been absent for many years Torque, But the information indicates that after February 2020 it will have collected more than two million dollars 164 thousand dollars Monthly.

Rupees earnings leaked in Twitz

Another protagonist Torque, Even Spanish Rupees, Who would have charged $ 1.7 million In the last 26 months.

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