The entire delegation from Kilor Navas, Luis Suarez and Costa Rica arrived in San Pedro Sula Honduras – ten

On a charter flight from St. Joseph And with unrelenting pressure San Pedro Sula, Choice Costa Rica He arrived in the ‘industrial city’ on Wednesday afternoon to face Honduras on Thursday The fourth day of the octagon The Concacaf final towards the World Cup Qatar 2022.

From the hand of the former Colombian World Cup coach with Catracos, Luis Fernando Suarez, DiCos, without reporting to the media, settled in the large Constantinople Hotel to avoid any setbacks while staying in the Honduran area.

Step: Costa Rica calendar in octagon

By arrangement of the coach Suarez, Field not identified in Costa Rica Olympic Stadium Because DT wanted to train longer St. Joseph So get ready for their meeting to begin with 6:05 p.m.

One of the most anticipated when it comes to Honduras is the three-time Champions League champions with Real Madrid. Goalkeeper Keeler NawazKatracha fans respect and love his successful career in Europe, where he currently shines alongside PSG Neymar, Mbabane and Messi.

Keeler Nawaz greets fans who shout his name when the Costa Rican national team arrives at a hotel in San Pedro Sula.

This Costa Rican for the Central American Classic contains the losses of youth Manfred Ugalde of Twente from Holland and Giancarlo Gonzalez of Aljuvelens, Both resigned during the week, first due to differences with the Colombian coach and second because they were not at their best football moment.

11 Face will be Honduras with Luis Suarez

Dicos in their first three games, as well HondurasThey could not add two points from a draw against Panama, a home loss to Mexico and a 1-1 draw against Jamaica at the National Stadium in San Jose.

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After denying this commitment in San Pedro, the Costa Rican immediately waited Sunday on their charter flight to San Jose. Savior Then there is another difficult visit on Wednesday in front of them USA Columbus, Ohio, To close this window in October.

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