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RAM – This coming January will bring a lot of surprises to OSN viewers, as well as a wide variety of dramas and comedies such as Hollywood’s biggest productions and the OSN Movies First at Dr. Tollywood and the OSN Online App.

For family movie fans, OSN is introducing Tollywood, which stars Hollywood’s most beloved stars Robert Downey Jr., Rami Malek and Emma Thompson, Oscar winners, as well as BAFTA award-winning Tom Holland and Ralph Fiennes. The film will be shown for the first time on Friday 22 January at 10:00 pm UAE time, except for the story of Dr. Tolital, who was isolated from the outside world on his farm in nineteenth-century England, and his animal friends, whom he talks to daily. The doctor and his friends take us to Magic Island to find a solution to a strange disease that afflicted the young Queen Victoria. It has a special place in Tollywood this year, grossing $ 249 million at the box office worldwide.

OSN shows pain and gain on January 3 at 10:00 pm UAE time. It tells the story of three Florida bodybuilders who are caught up in a crime cycle, their humorous attempts to deal with the situation and their funny failure to get out of their predicament by planning an abduction. The film has a lot of comedy action with Mark Wallberg, Twain Johnson and Anthony Mackie.

Fans of the comedy will be able to watch the famous Jay starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Oscar winner Robert De Niro on Sunday, January 10 at 10:00 UAE time. The story of the film leaves the life of a young entrepreneur, her continued efforts to achieve her ambition, the challenges she faces from betrayal and emotional issues, leaving deep traces on her personality, in sustaining her family until she can finally establish a successful global business empire.

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OSN Comedy, The Change-Up, airs Sunday, January 17, at 10:00 p.m. The film tells the story of a married man, Dave and his loving family, and a single Mitch who seeks out his partner before a mysterious situation arises, causing him to suddenly move into someone else’s body to live someone else’s life. The film features hilarious events with its protagonists Jason Batman and Ryan Reynolds.

For an extra level of humor, OSN introduces bridesmaids, which depict the humorous rivalry between a bride’s first runner-up and another, and the hilarious situations in which the bride chooses her best friend. The film stars Kristen Wyke, Maya Rudolph and Rose Byrne and will be shown on Sunday, January 24, at 10:00 UAE time.

At the end of January, the OSN comedy film Sisters, starring Amy Fuller and Tina Fay, airs on Sunday 31st January at 10:00 UAE time. The film tells the story of two sisters who decide to have a funeral at their childhood home before it is finally sold out.

Viewers will be able to enjoy these movies and more on the OSN Movies First and OSN online app this January.

List of programs to watch online in OSN Movies January and OSN usage:
Pain & Gain (2013) – Sunday, January 3 at 10:00 UAE time.
Happiness (2015) – Sunday night January 10, at 10:00 UAE time.
Change (2011) – Sunday, January 17, 10:00 UAE time.
Tallit (2020) – Friday, January 22 at 10:00 UAE time.
Vice Presidents (2011) – Sunday, January 24, at 10:00 UAE time.
Sisters (2015) – Sunday 31st January, UAE time.

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