Joan Sebastian: These ?? Songs by Ray del Giorgio. In English, Italian and Japanese

John Sebastian He was one of the most beloved singers in the middle of the show, and almost six years after his death, he is still remembered by the public. songs They have more than one version and can be heard in other languages.

род ??King of Jaripio?? During his more than 40 years of experience he amassed numerous successes in music, some of which are dedicated to the place where he was born. Juliantla In Toxco de Allercon, Guerrero.

Since he was young he showed talent in music and although he wanted to dedicate his life to the church, his father refused it because he thought he had everything to advance in the profession. Anglica Maria found him at a spa and was fascinated to hear him sing.

John Sebastian had a successful life from the first moment, thanks to his talent his voice was heard all over the world and in English, Italian and various languages. The Japanese.

John Sebastian and his music in a different language

One of the collaborations ??Juliantla is a poet?? It was with W.I.M., with whom he sang in English and gave his style to a song for electronic music that it was the most challenging of his life as a singer.

Song ?? Hey you ?? He was the one who performed with the team member Black Eyed Peas, It received a lot of criticism for his performance, but it was one of Joan Sebastian’s choices because it was a collection he created.

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Your Sai C ?? One of John Sebastian’s songs in which he is heard singing Italian It was part of his review and although it is not well known, is it included in his record production ?? 13 Celebrating 13 ??.

‘S translator ??That and more ?? He sometimes revealed that he translated his songs into Japanese, which he enjoyed because he had Asian friends. Can you hear these on his album ?? A luxury ??.

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