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The story behind the construction of the Suez Canal dates back decades, and includes the characters in the story.

The Suez Canal Allowed The connection between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, On November 17, 1869, this “ambitious” engineering project took place between celebrations and hubbub, written by Ferdinand de Lesseps, the French ambassador to Egypt at the time.

Although it was 163 km at the beginning of the project, the Suez Canal is currently about 195 km long. The minimum width of the lower part of the channel is 60 m and the maximum is 170 m. For this fancy work Ships with a draft of 20 meters can pass. It does not require locks because it connects the two points above sea level, and without creating excessive accumulation of sediment.

This artificial path was like a dream for the ancient Egyptians and people because it allowed them to shrink Almost a sea voyage between Europe and Asia. The opera’s world premiere was not part of the opening celebrations Ida, Written by Italian musician Giuseppe Verdi, but with Egyptian parade, De Johann Strauss Hijo.

Construction lasted Ten years It seemed endless to many. Hundreds of workers were killed and a special type of “park” canal was used to excavate to a uniform depth and width.

The The Suez Canal experienced a variety of political contexts and circumstances related to geo-strategy. In 1875, for example, Viceroy Ismail was forced to sell Egyptian shares of the canal, along with excessive foreign debt. The British then controlled the Suez Canal. It was established by an international treaty signed in 1888 to avoid possible “doubts” The canal was open to ships from all over the world, Without any discrimination, in times of peace or war.

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However, the day came: on July 26, 1956, Egyptian President Kamal Abdel Nasser decided to nationalize him, which brought excitement and joy to the Egyptian people, but many crises Sinai War, Also known as the Suez Crisis, later Six Day War with Israel. (I)

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