The big changes Florida retirees receiving Social Security will face

Florida is one of the most popular states for Social Security retirees in the United States

Florida is one of the most popular states for Social Security retirees in the United States

Although inflation remains higher than the Fed would like it to be, inflation has slowed steadily in recent months, a feat that could lead to lower cost-of-living adjustments in 2024 for millions of American retirees.

the Social Security Administration (SSA) is once again making some changes to its system. Although South Africa’s federal movements receive widespread media coverage, the same is not true of those occurring at the state level. So, in Otium We explain some of the amendments that will be implemented in the state of Florida.

Earlier this month, the Senior Citizens League, a nonpartisan group for seniors, estimated that based on the latest consumer data, next year’s COLA (Cost of living adjustment for Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).) could be 3 percent.

Florida is one of the The most attractive destinations for retirees, who decided to move there to enjoy the money they earned from working life. Given the large presence of retirees in its ranks, the Social Security Administration has established a wide network of the organization’s offices, in order to serve all seniors in a timely manner.

In all, according to official numbers, the state has nearly 5 million Floridians who qualify for Social Security Retirement, Survivors and Disability (OASDI) benefits. Of this total, about 3.8 million are retired workers.

Learn about upcoming changes for Social Security retirees living in Florida

One advantage is that it is one of nine states that does not impose state income taxes, meaning people do not have to pay state taxes on Social Security benefits or any other income they have.

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What Social Security changes take effect in Florida?

One of the first changes that will apply to Florida resident retirees is Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), which is expected to reach approximately 3.2% per month. This brings the state’s average benefits to $1,790, an increase of $57.30.

What you need to know is that in Florida, the increase will last less, as the area has the highest inflation rate in the country, according to NBC MiamiThis has to do with rising housing costs.

Another change that will take effect at the federal level, but will have its own peculiarities in Florida, is the income limit outside of Social Security checks. According to recent research, those receiving retirement, survivor and family benefits who have not yet reached full retirement age may have a portion of their payments temporarily withheld.

In 2023, the minimum will be $21,240 for beneficiaries who do not reach full retirement age until one year earlier. In Florida, this will limit your budget a lot, since affordable places are scarce.

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