Caryn Leon admits she’s “in trouble” with Hermosillo and gives her reasons | News from Mexico

Hermosillo, Sonora.- When talking about his album “Local Treatment” At The Pep’s office, Caryn Leon admits that she is the one “surprised” (Unbridled in love) with Hermosillo, his homeland Called “His Farm”..

I have a crazy love affair, and I’m stuck with Hermosillo, Sonora, my farm (sic.)”, announced Karin.

Why is Caryn Leon “attacked” by Hermosillo?

He explains that among the people of Hermosillo it is understood as consciousness. He highlights that everyone in their birthplaces has unique features such as food, however, he notes in the case of Hermosillo. “We have a lot of talent, we are very special, we don’t want to be like anyone else”.

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He noted that there are good Sonoran artists such as Nathaniel Cano, NodalAmong the many talented and yet none of them are the same.

Let’s see what Nathalie Kano is doing, what Christian Nodal is doing, none of them are the same, there’s a lot of diversity, a lot of talent.

It also stands out that you can meet in cohabitations Many kinds of friends in a group.

You’re in your carne asada, you’re a good cowboy, a rocker by your side, a solo in front and they’re good dancers too.”

In addition, he feels this is reflected during meetings in the variety of songs they play, with a variety of genres on the playlist.

We have always shared an interdisciplinary language, where there is no limit, not even in music, Betas are multicultural, multifaceted,” the singer said.

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