Slapped into oblivion! This is the new footballer that Shakira is now linked with

Four months have passed since the news of the breakup brought the world to a standstill Shakira Y Gerrard Big, This is due to the athlete’s infidelity, which will end the relationship of more than nine years between the two stars and although initially it was only speculated that the Barcelona player had an affair, the truth is that a month ago a video was leaked where the Spaniard can be seen kissing a 23-year-old girl. Chia Marty.

Ever since the rift between the two well-known personalities was announced, it is known that the paparazzi have not shied away from the two personalities at any time, even this has caused. PQ Threatened He sued the press for publishing information about his life.

In this sense, it is known Shakira He has been a bit better in front of the media as he has been working hard on his singing career and recently collaborated on a song. OzunaWith him he recorded a video clip, for which the 45-year-old artist is said to turn around and forget what happened with Piguet, which he could achieve in the hands of another football player. .

They pair Shakira with a new football player

International media has pointed out PQ He decided to make a public appearance with his new partner Suitors began to flock to the interpreter of “The Bike”, and even now a football player who shared the field with Shakira’s ex-partner will be after the singer.

About Igar Casillas, According to the TV program “Socialité”, the host ended his romantic relationship with Sarah Carbonero and has since been very active on social networks, especially on Instagram, where he recently started following the native of Barranquilla. A new interest towards Real Madrid exporter Shakira, however, Shakira’s fans are still waiting for more answers on whether she is interested or not. Igar Casillas.

Iker Casillas is a Real Madrid export. Photo: Featured


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