The best Residence in Singapore is Florence Residences.

Living in a cosy atmosphere is fine, but you have to look past the dynamic climate if you want decent conditions. The Florence Residence Condo is a perfect place to stay as it is well placed for easy access to facilities around Hougang. Also, continuous transport technologies would increase mobility in the area once they have been completed. The Cross Island Line construction will soon begin and contribute to the vitality of Hougang Mall and Hougang MRT. The two famous landmarks located a few minutes from The Florence Residences ensure that the shuttles are much more convenient for its inhabitants.


You will also be near the Hougang Sports Centre in Florence apartments, where you can visit if you have a routine exercise program. A few distances from the Florence Residences Condo is the Serangoon Park Connector. Additionally, you’re just outside Florence’s residence, Coney Island, Lorong Halus Wetland, and Punggol Waterway. Your weekends and holidays will change for the better with these conveniences. Click here to know more about florence residences brochure connectivity. If you are hunting for the next spot to call your own, never forget that it is more than just buying a house. Living in a city means you become part of an established area. However, not all districts are the same. 


While the parents at The Florence Condos Condo say there is no excellent neighbourhood, they love the location of good schools and the location for you because it takes your concerns into account. You should pay attention to the Florence Residences Floor Plan. Its residential units are just minutes away from workplaces and add comfort. You don’t want to fly to and from work for a considerable time. Furthermore, if you’re going to rent a house, this is still a perfect investment opportunity. Near to the city, the residence pool provides you with a lucrative investment.


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Led to resentment, Industrial Park is planned to rebuild the industrial floor space. This means that there are plenty of jobs, not to mention a beautiful working community with a centre and a bike network. Moreover, Defu City Centre’s reconstruction, a lovely business centre, will draw numerous firms. A variety of services, including children’s facilities, health centres, convenience stores, and F&B stores, are easily accessible. It is situated right next to the Florence residences, and its inhabitants will enjoy the vicinity. The next Lorong Halus Industrial Park, a new industrial park, will be designed for the clean and light industries, with their logistics, lifestyles, and food.


In the centre of Hougang, in the Florence Residences Condo offers its residents a decent combination of private and public buildings that meet customers’ needs. Hougang will be further refurbished under the URA Master Plan, with Punggol Park areas available in the immediate future to construct new housing. The overall living condition would enhance relations in this area through such initiatives. This will be of tremendous value to potential by owners of The Florence Residences Condo.

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